Master your photography by following these 5 easy tips!

Placeholder Image“Wow your camera takes really great photos!” is an insult that many photographers have heard from clients, friends and sometimes even family.

People often have the misconception that only expensive cameras take great photos. What they don’t realize is that the talent comes from the photographer, you! The photos they are talking about are framed, and captured not only by the camera but also by the person behind it. It takes hard work and dedication to become a great photographer.

Master your photography skills with these 5 tips today!

1. Read your manual

All Cameras come with a manual that explains exactly what your camera is capable of. The best way to improve your photography skills is to be aware of what your camera can do. The sooner you read it the sooner you will start using your camera to its full potential.

2. Invest in books and not gear

Manufacturers come out with new cameras and lenses all the time, and they are expensive! Just because something is new and expensive doesn’t mean it will make you a better photographer. Some of my favorite images were shot with my first camera, and it was an old used camera I picked up at a pawn shop. Cell phones take some amazing photos too! By investing in books you will not only learn proper photography techniques but you will also find inspiration from others.

3. Practice Framing & Composition

finaephotoFraming is crucial when it comes to photography as it defines your vision. As a photographer I always know what I want the focus in my next shot to be and I make sure to frame the subject that I am photographing. Framing helps emphasize the subject that you want others to look at. Composition also helps lead the viewer’s eye to your subject. Play around with composition as it will help you break habits such as always centering your subject.

4. Pretend you are shooting film

Slow down when you are taking photos so you can really think about what you are trying to capture. By pretending to use a roll of film, you wont be trigger happy and take an unnecessary number of images. By giving yourself a restriction on the amount of images you shoot, you will plan the shot better and better results will follow!

5. Teach someone what you know

Spend a day teaching someone what you know. Even though this sounds silly, it is quite helpful. Sharing your passion with others is not only fun, but it can also help clarify what you think you know. If they happen to ask you something you don’t know the answer to, it will inspire you to learn something new.

These 5 tips are only a few of a hundred things that you can do to improve as a photographer and master your skills. As a photographer, you will never run out of things to learn. Next time someone says your camera takes great photos, hand them the camera and have them show you how great the camera is!

For more inspiration follow my Instagram and Facebook photography pages! For additional tips on improving you photography skills, check out this blog from the digital photography school.


7 thoughts on “Master your photography by following these 5 easy tips!

  1. I love your photos. I agree that it’s the photographer, not the camera… Mostly. Even so, I find great value in cameras that save in RAW format. I also heard an interesting tip for those learning. Go on location and take one photograph and then go home. It will really get you to think about composition, exposure, focus, etc.

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  2. Love your site and great tips you are sharing. Love the vivid colors. I have been slowing down quite a bit prior to shooting lately, putting more thought into what it is I really wan to capture. I’m an amateur enjoying every moment and your tips are very helpful. You are a blessing!!

    Liked by 1 person

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