Capturing the Water Droplet

One of the simplest and coolest photo art projects to do is photographing water droplets. These images were captured on the same day with the same setup.

The items I used:

  • Camera (Canon T3i with built in flash)
  • Bowl of water (I used a yellow bowl so my water would have color)
  • A medicine dropper

Believe it or not that is it!

The process:

  1. Fill your water bowl and set in on a table or countertop.
  2. Set your camera settings to a high shutter speed. I used a shutter speed of 500.
  3. With the medicine dropper slowly drip one droplet at at time and shoot.


  • Have a friend help you with the medicine dropper so all you have to focus on is taking the shot.
  • Make sure your flash is firing.
  • Adjust the colors in photoshop. (I changed the original yellow color in these images to red, blue, and purple).
  • You can also use food coloring and/or milk for different color results.

Have fun and experiment!


For more photography tips click here!


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