Black and White Portraits

I absolutely love the look of black and white portraits. By using a clean background you can really focus on the person.


California Super Bloom

After the unusual showers that southern California recently had, the desert transformed into a canvas of so many different colors. Everywhere you look, there is a different color flower in full bloom. My family and I decided to take a trip out to the Anza-Borrego State Park to enjoy nature at its best. The “Super Bloom” did not disappoint, we were there for hours and enjoyed every minute of it. If you plan to go out to the desert make sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, lots of water, and of course your Camera!

My favorite was the Desert Lily, which one is your favorite?

Urban Decay

In our surroundings there are things that have been forgotten or damaged and just left to be. This urban decay can be many things;  ugly, distracting, dangerous and even beautiful. These images were captured around my neighborhood. Go out and see what you can find in your neighborhood, you may be surprised at what is out there.

Food for thought

Food photography can be shot in a multiple number of ways. You can keep it simple or add to it and style it as much as you want. For this project I chose to keep it simple.

In the images below I shot a grapefruit from my mothers garden. The only objects I used in this project  were my cutting board, the grapefruit, and the knife I used to slice it with. For lighting I used window light as well as the lamp in my kitchen.

Since it was a rainy day I wanted to make the images to feel dark and moody.



Pushing your photos

Pushing your photos by editing them in ways you had never thought of can create some very interesting images. The images below were all taken at California State University San Marcos during golden hour. The way the light hits the buildings during golden hour makes the images really pop.

The images were imported into Adobe Lightroom and modified with the develop module tools. The images were then exported into Adobe Photoshop in order to create some of the color and gradient effects. This technique is great for any images you love that may be out of focus. Give it a try! It’s fun!


These images were taken in San Diego.